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The Mélèzes campsite has equipped itself with 4 electric E-Bikes / mountain bikes for hire. 

Sportsmen or amateurs, cross the various mountain bike routes of the Haut Val de Bagnes.

As a couple, with family, with friends, on the road, there are many possibilities available to you! 

Enjoy the scenery without the effort

EBIKES rental rates:

Daytime      Half day


Campers                                      65.-CHF         40.-CHF

Others                                          75.-CHF         50.-CHF

Helmets                                       included         included

Practical information

To rent an e-bike - MTB, nothing could be simpler:

- Your identity card will be kept as a deposit
- Security deposit to be paid on site at reception in cash: 100.-
- Cash payment (CHF or Euros)
- Minimum age 16 years or 14 years with moped license
- Have a RC (insurance)

Rental hours

Day: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Half day: 9h00-12h00 / 14h00-17h00

Delays will be charged for the day + the half-day, if this results in the cancellation of the next reservation.

MTB models - EBikes

Before your rental, please consult the  rules of use which contain all the details relating to the rental.

Le restaurant

Chanrion Hut

37km round trip

  • Bonatchiesse – Mauvoisin – Barrage de Mauvoisin – Écuries de la Lia – Pont du Lancet – Cabane de Chanrion – Pont du Lancet – Écuries de la Lia – Barrage de Mauvoisin – Mauvoisin –Bonatchiesse


You will start your hike from the campsite towards the imposing Mauvoisin dam (1976m), the highest arch dam in Europe (250m).

After a short climb to the top of the dam, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Val de Bagnes. From there, there are a few twists and turns through the galleries and tunnels of the dam to finally get back to daylight and enjoy a pleasant stroll along the Mauvoisin lake in the heart of the protected area of the Haut Val de Bagnes....

Brunet Hut

32km round trip

  • Bonatchiesse –Fionnay – Barmasse – Plénadzeu – La Cougne – Cabane Brunet – La Cougne – Plénadzeu – Barmasse – Fionnay – Bonatchiesse

From Bonatchiesse, follow the road towards Fionnay and then Barmasse, 3.3 km away. Then a slight climb will take you to Plénadzeu (1491m). Continue your ascent towards the Cabane Brunet (2103m) at the bottom of the Petit Combin.

More routes...

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